Rixiform Inc.

Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group

September 10th 2007

Announcing a new group in the SF Bay Area for making and using Computer Music Technology. The group’s objective is to meet other computer music technology experts and enthusiasts for presentations of computer music techniques and technologies (all music genre outputs are welcome).

Presentations and discussion will revolve around the use of Max/MSP, Csound, PD, ChucK, CLM, Live, Reaktor, Kyma, JMSL, SuperCollider as well as other computer music synthesis, composition, or live performance software. Attend to learn new techniques, better the code base, find collaborators, and find out what others are doing in studios, labs, and live work spaces around the Bay Area.

If you would like to present a project or technology that you are working on please contact me. Also, if you have a venue that we can host events in (one or more times) let me know.

You can join the group at: